I had a leg and foot massage by Albert before Christmas. I’ve never had a massage by a male before, so at first I was a little nervous and was unsure what to expect.

Albert Pregely welcomed me and made me feel at ease. The home smelt beautiful and his massage room was done out lovely. We sat down and had a chat and went through forms. There is always a woman on the premises too. This is to protect Albert & also Women clients.

After the chat I felt so comfortable. The foot and leg massage was so nice and relaxing. I felt at ease and safe.

After my massage I felt fantastic it got rid of the aches and pains I had and I just felt like I had a new lease of energy.

Albert is very professional and was the whole way through. He is such a nice kindhearted person and his massages are amazing!

I had a lot going on last year and loosing my nana had really took its toll on me. Though after the massage I honestly felt like a new person.

Thank you so much Albert I look forward to more massages in the future

 ~Shauna O~


'I had my first holistic foot and leg massage today with Albert, and I didn’t wish to let the opportunity pass without leaving a review.

Albert is a very genuine, kind and friendly guy and I can categorically say I felt 100% safe and reassured with him throughout my session.

From the moment I stepped in the door, every measure taken was with the upmost professionalism and I felt very reassured and welcomed form the start.

Kindtherapy is set within a warm, welcoming, clean, family home, you really are safe here. I was greeted with a sealed bottle of water and had my temperature taken in line with Covid-19 regulations. Albert also took his own temperature in front of me to demonstrate that he was not symptomatic of the virus.

We went though a formal process of consent forms, health questionnaires and legalities for insurance purposes. Everything is regulated and above board. Albert explained to me exactly what the procedure would entail and was very informative of the benefits of the treatment, detailing what areas of my body he would need to touch and what type of touch would be used. I didn’t at any point feel vulnerable or uncomfortable.

Albert is very passionate about providing therapy with the soul purpose of helping others. There is nothing more to it. As a young female in my late 20’s, I visited Albert alone today having never met him before, and not at any point did I regret my decision to book in for my treatment. I felt very, very safe and very respected. I am so glad I found Kindtherapy and will be recommending Albert to my friends and family, without a shadow of a doubt.

All you have to do is look through Albert’s reviews, and you’ll see that he has review after review after review, mostly from female clients, all saying how much of a lovely man he is, how safe and reassured women have felt with him, I can absolutely validate these other reviews. I think they speak volumes.

Kindtherapy is a very apt name because they describe Albert and the service he provides down to a T: he is extremely kind, welcoming and just an all round nice person, and he is extremely passionate about the therapy he provides, and has done for the last ?30 years (I think he said!).

Amazing session today, will 1000000000% be back, I already feel such a difference and I felt so relaxed and calm when I left. Thank you Albert. You are a true gem '

~Jade S~


I was offered a holistic foot treatment from Albert. Being on my feet all day most days and doing a lot of walking (i’m a postie) my feet are often put through their paces! On arrival i could see Albert was very professional - he explained everything thoroughly before he started and was professional throughout. At no point did i feel uncomfortable and the treatment was amazing! Afterwards my feet felt refreshed and revived, it was like walking on a little cloud!! If your considering a treatment of any kind, from my experience i’d say give it a go 100%, he gets ️ from me and i’d return in a heartbeat!! Albert thanks for taking an hour out of your busy day to give my feet some much needed TLC

~Dawn G~


Well what can I say other than thank you so much, I met Alberto yesterday for the first time, I have fibromyalgia and had brain surgery last may, Alberto listened to me, he was very professional and understood all that I was saying, he then gave me full body massage this was amazing and made my body feel great, which isn't very often lately, I highly recommend him to you all with health issues, I will definitely be back xx

~Jennie E~



So as well as the review on your Facebook page I promised some feedback on today's massage; which was fantastic, so I will start from the start because we both know your sessions are much more than just a massage.

You are always so welcoming and I always feel how genuinely happy you are to see me, which instantly warms me up. I think for me because I knew what to expect my mind was at ease and it prevented me from thinking about next steps throughout the therapy. I really liked that we started face up/on back, this was a first for me, but it really helped me ease into the massage and I think it helped my breathing so that when we did turn over I was already relaxed and there was no pressure anywhere. So many times I have had a Swedish massage where they start at the feet and I think "those hands will eventually end up on my face...." which is just unpleasant and it actually ruins the start of the massage for me as its all I can think about. Your hands smelt lovely and the aroma was really relaxing accompanied with warmth. I can honestly say that there was a point during the head/face massage where I didn't hear the music, I can't explain this, it's almost like my senses where heightened with warmth and smell. I think this was at the point you had both hands fully down the side of my face. Arms and hands, again really relaxing, but the point where I thought "oh, this is so nice" was when you massaged between my fingers, this gave me goosebumps on my ankles. Again, I can't explain it, I just made a mental note to tell you and then enjoyed it. My favourite part of today's massage was my belly, I have never had it done before and had never even realised it was a "thing", but my mind has been opened (can't believe it took until 32!!!!). As I said earlier, it's so hard to put into words why I liked it so much, but it made me feel womanly, whether its because women nurture a baby in that area and hold their bellies when pregnant,

so its a natural instinct sort of feeling, I don't know. We then moved on to legs and feet and I am not sure if you realised you were doing this or not but what I loved was that my feet were hanging from the bed a little, so your legs leaned on my feet and kept them really warm because you lean into the bed slightly to move up the leg. As I mentioned being warm is so important for me when having a massage, its a comfort and a safe thing. I really liked that we discussed that you would go high on the leg and buttocks, it felt great and I felt comfortable (which I know is key for you). How people miss that area is beyond me, its the biggest part of my body with the most fat, so to have that massaged was just a delight. By this point, I was super relaxed and so to finish the massage on the back and shoulders was great.

The whole experience was sensational, you provide a therapy that I have never had before and I really mean that. It was so nice to experience something new and feel comfortable enough to do so.

~Anna E~

'I met Albert Pregely for the first time this morning for my therapy session. I have to admit I was nervous. I didn't need to be as Albert made me feel more at ease within a few minutes. Albert is very professional, and a very kind and caring person. We talked for a while, filled in some forms and then the relaxation massage began. It was wonderful! I've had quite a bad, very stressful time since New Year's Day and my body was liked a coiled spring. After the therapy, I felt different like the spring had been loosened and lost its hold on my body. I've not felt so relaxed for, well for ever I think, unless I had a tranquilliser at the dentist! I can't recommend this therapy enough. It's amazing. Albert is amazing. Thank you, Alberto, from the bottom of my heart'

~Hazel B~

'A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Alberto Pregely, he kindly chose me for a gift to have a therapy session with him.

I've never had any professional massage or anything of this kind. It was a very difficult thing for me to attend and I explained my OCD to Alberto while completing paperwork, he made me so relaxed and comfortable in his presence. I could feel myself getting nervous and stressed, but Alberto carried on and done he's relaxation massage. I felt great and cared for every step of the way and despite my clear tick mechanisms Alberto never judged or paid attention to them or pointed them out. I have never felt so relaxed and would recommend Alberto and his fabulous massage to anyone. He was a pleasure to meet and a really kind and caring person. Thank you, Alberto'

~Vicky L~

'Alberto, it was an enriching experience meeting you this afternoon. You are offering an amazing service with your Kindtherapy sessions, and I came away from mine so relaxed and calm. I have never had a massage where a therapist is able to 'feel' how much or how little pressure is required in order to not exacerbate or increase the pain that most of us already suffer. I felt comfortable and at ease, despite the effect my lipoedema has had on my growing legs.......Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for being who you are, thank you for the unique service you are providing and lastly thank you for your non-judgmental approach and empathy. Make sure you take time for you too x'

~Niffer G~

'I was extremely fortunate to be the winner of a Kindtherapy session. Well, what can I say? Such a wonderful therapeutic experience from start to finish. Albert, you were extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind throughout. Not only was the massage relaxing, just to have someone listen with such genuine empathy was enough in itself. We are all on our own journey with ill health, whether physical or mental and this was such an uplifting & positive experience for me. Albert, you are a truly remarkable soul and I feel blessed to have been chosen. Thank you so much xxx '

~Emma C~

'Very relaxing and made me feel comfortable thank you, Alberto, for the opportunity! I've now

found out what's causing the pain in my back and this has enabled me to grab the opportunity to help it so many thanks '

~Zoe P~

'Alberto thank you so much for my therapy session I felt relaxed and now ready to take anything on. To describe it, it is like a fountain bursting into life or seeing the light at the end of a tunnel x'

~Sandra I~

'Feeling sleepy after a lovely holistic massage therapy session from Alberto Pregely. Even though I am " that" relaxed and could sleep I really do feel uplifted.

Thank you, I will be seeing again soon'

~Nina C~

'I have been in so much pain and suffering for years had my first holistic massage therapy session today with Alberto who was brilliant. Despite suffering from anxiety was made to feel completely at ease and reassured every step of the way. Your holistic therapy was so very different from any treatment I've had so far compassion and empathy, things were explained properly and I was actually listened to when explaining what was wrong with me. I feel so much better after just one session and look forward to my next one. Alberto, you are such a kind man, and I must congratulate you on your vision to combine the elements of Kindtherapy to make such a difference to people like myself who just get passed from pillar to post by the NHS without actually getting any help.

Thank you'

~Louise W~

'Wow just wow I am very fortunate to be one of Alberto's Kindtherapy holistic massage session winners. Fantastic result, already I feel on top of the mind, body & soul has lifted so much and I feel so relaxed and stress-free right now. It is amazing Albert that you have put the 3 indicators needed in massage together. Well done you'

~Eve W~

'Thank you Alberto Pregely for my holistic therapy session today you made me feel very welcome and totally relaxed and I feel a little bit less tension in my legs you did a great job would definitely come back x '

~Claire W~

'Had my session today. Felt totally at ease the whole time I was there. Came out feeling so relaxed and the tension and pain in my neck and shoulders were so much better. Thank you so much Alberto Pregely. It's a great thing you are doing. Will definitely want another session soon.'

~Tracy C~

'Had a wonderful holistic massage therapy session with Alberto today. Thank you so much for making me feel so at ease & I've left feeling all relaxed. Was very much needed & thank you x '

~Bev C~

'Just had the most amazing experience, wonderful talk and amazing massage thank you sooooo much, Alberto, would 100% advise anyone who asks to go for the Kindtherapy thank you again xx'

~Bee D~

'Just a quick note to say Thank you to you, Alberto, for my therapy session that you kindly gave to were very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your sessions to anyone in need of holistic massage xx'

~Debbie L~

'Sorry it's taken so long but I just wanted to say thank you to Alberto for my Kindtherapy session. Just taking some time out for me and have someone focus on my needs for a while done me the world of good. Alberto was very professional, listened to my needs and wants, and was very attentive to what was right for me, Again thank you xx'

~Katie S~

'It felt wonderful I was in agony the next day though due to all the walking, previous to this, but the massage was wonderful I felt so alive I haven't felt that good for ages'

~Jayne Anita H~

'Can't thank you enough Alberto Pregely. Still feeling great. No pain. And seem to have lost the ability to think today!!! xx'

~Shirley W~

'Thanks for the opportunity to receive one of your holistic massage therapy sessions, helped me to relieve so much stress and I feel miles better for it. I would definitely recommend your treatment to others x'

~Laura G~

'It was a pleasure, Alberto. Looking forward to having some more treatments soon. X'

~Ann C~

'So glad u didn't give up Alberto u are a special kind person who listens and helps others with kindness and so much passion look forward to seeing u soon take care and enjoy that holiday u well deserve xxxx'

~Carol W~