Footura is the future of the foot massage!

One of a range of bespoke Kindtherapy® holistic therapies developed by Albert Pregely, holistic health consultant based in Coventry, UK




Footura Foot Massage

Footura™ Sciatica Leg
And Foot Massage

Footura™  Hot Stones Foot Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear during the massage?

You can undress to your comfort level, and we will ensure your privacy and modesty at all times

How often should I receive a massage?

The frequency of massage depends on your individual needs and goals

We can provide guidance based on your requirements

Are your qualified and experienced?

Yes, qualified in holistic therapies with over 30 years experience and have extensive knowledge in the field of holistic massage therapies

Why Come For A Footura Treatment?

Footura is a bespoke, holistic therapy tailored to your health needs

Albert Pregely is a fully qualified, registered and insured holistic therapist and consultant

30 years experience in delivering holistic counselling, holistic mindfulness, holistic breathwork,

holistic life coaching and holistic massage therapies 

First class, unrivalled holistic therapies

Purpose built therapy rooms located in a private and secluded area

Female chaperones available on request

Two private parking spaces





***I had a leg and foot massage by Albert before Christmas. I’ve never had a massage by a male before, so at first I was a little nervous and was unsure what to expect.

Albert Pregely welcomed me and made me feel at ease. The home smelt beautiful and his massage room was done out lovely. We sat down and had a chat and went through forms. There is always a woman on the premises too. This is to protect Albert & also Women clients.

After the chat I felt so comfortable. The foot and leg massage was so nice and relaxing. I felt at ease and safe.

After my massage I felt fantastic it got rid of the aches and pains I had and I just felt like I had a new lease of energy.

Albert is very professional and was the whole way through. He is such a nice kindhearted person and his massages are amazing!

I had a lot going on last year and loosing my nana had really took its toll on me. Though after the massage I honestly felt like a new person.

Thank you so much Albert I look forward to more massages in the future***

~Shauna O ~

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